Shark Week Party with Homemade Shark Cupcakes

shark cakes

Guess what?!  It’s SHARK WEEK!!!  Do you guys celebrate it like we do in this house??  Maybe you have a summer themed party coming up?  Or perhaps just a little shark lover at home looking for some shark shaped treats for their upcoming birthday?  Well I got you, Girl!  Or Boy! These shark cupcakes are adorable and are sure to WOW the crowd!  I’ve also included some adorable shark-themed party decorations and favors to help make your bash a hit!

Two things to note before we start:

  1. I am not a Baker. 😂
  2. This is not my recipe, and I just followed the instructions of the New York Times Best Selling Book Hello, Cupcake! 

I say those things for you to know that I am just an average joe trying to make some fun summer cupcakes.  And if I can do it….you can DEFINITELY do it!


Okay, so y’all may have seen parts of this if you follow me on Instagram already, but I went ahead and took video of the entire cupcake process for y’all!  Some of it is sped up to save time but I did my best to explain the details and the assembly of the sharks.  Hope it helps!

It’s one of my longer videos, but the reality is, making these definitely takes time!  But the end result is SO WORTH IT!!!

Here’s how it all came out!! (Don’t worry, I included screen shots of the instructions as well as the ingredients required at the bottom of the post for y’all).

summer party ideas

Shark party

Well?!? What do we think??  Are you gonna give it a go??  If so, (or if not and you just decide to order cupcakes lol), here are some great ideas for party decorations that would be perfect for the baby shark (or grown sharks) in your life!!

Shark Party Theme

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Hopefully you guys will give these a shot on your own! Here is what you’ll need and how to do it!

Happy Hunting Friends!!

Talk soon buddies!

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