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This blog post has been a loooong time coming!  You guys have been asking me FOREVER to share my planner organization faves and I’ve FINALLY had the time to sit down and gather it all together for y’all!  Also, the new Life Planner launched from Erin Condren TODAY and I’m LOVING IT!!!!  Y’all know that is my absolute go-to to keep my life in order (well, somewhat in order 😉)!  I can’t remember things without it, seriously.

Anyway, this new launch gives even more options for personalizing and customizing so y’all be sure to check it out!  I’ll be sharing everything I got from the launch here so you’ll get a sneak peek!

Alright, so enough chit chat, let’s jump right in here!!

Planner organization tools

Planner organization

The planner

As far as the planner itself, I’m a diehard Erin Condren Life Planner fan.  I really don’t think I’ll ever be able to switch.  It’s that good.  Not only does it give you plenty of room to add your schedules, calendars, contacts, birthdays, etc, etc, but it also gives you room to decorate and make it look pretty!  For me it’s like scrapbooking!  And as I’ve mentioned on my Instagram like a hundred times, they are completely customizable!!  The layout, the colors, the the style, and even the covers! You can even create covers with your own personal photos on them!

Life planner design choices (these & so many more)

planner stickers

Now, because I love to decorate each week/month with a different theme…I have also become a sticker addict 😂.  I get my stickers from a few different places but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES are:

  • PlannerKate (mainly the functional stickers, but the monthly kits she makes are GREAT too! Especially if you’re not as creative when it comes to piecing things together.  The kits come with everything you need to make your months and weeks looks so cute!! Here are some examples.)
MOnthly/weekly kits

  • The Happy Planner  (I love their sticker books! My recommendation would be to check The Happy Planner website for the sticker books you want, and then check Michaels to see if they have it because they are usually on sale & way cheaper that way!) Here’s a few great ones though!  And they’re on sale!

  • Erin Condren (I love the monthly sticker books and the “themed” books to match your planner)

Washi tape

You’ll also notice in my decorated weeks that I use a lot of washi tape.  I love it!!  It’s so fun to add! The Erin Condren monthly kits come with some tape but you can pretty much buy it anywhere.  I linked a few Amazon faves for y’all!  They’re hands down the most affordable.

Monthly Planner

Additional planner organization tools

The last few “tools” I use when I‘m planning are completely optional and are really only “needed” for those of us who are annoying perfectionists and like everything to be clean and neat on paper.  🤓 They are:

  • Paint knife ( I use this to cut the washi tape perfectly straight…works like a dream!)
  • White-out (to cover any unwanted lines/holidays/dates/images, etc
  • Tweezers (to place those tiny stickers straight even when my sausage fingers get in the way)


So, now that y’all have seen how I do my planning, and what I use to do it, I want to give you guys the first sneak peek at the BRAND NEW planner goodies Erin Condren launched TODAY!  I am LOVING the new designs you guys!  I also love that they’re offering new customization options AND accessory & sticker bundles that match the planner designs!  It makes my symmetry loving heart so happy!

Planner organization

If you love neutrals, you are going to LOVE the new flora patterns!  Not only does everything match (fonts, colors, patterns, etc.) but it’s all done in a very beautiful neutral color palette!  I actually love for my planners to have lots of color, so the neutral palette is a GREAT backdrop to be able to add lots of colors and themes to the exiting design.

Planner stickers

Digging the fact that the accessory bundles match SO WELL!  Down to the dashboard inserts and the pen!!!  Oh, and if you haven’t used the EC markers before…what are you waiting for?!  They are so GREAT for hand lettering!

Planner ideas

I can’t wait yo put all these new planner goodies to use!!  I seriously can’t remember anything without them!  And that’s not an exaggeration…ask my daughter.  I didn’t have time to do my weekly planning this past Sunday and we forgot to go to gymnastics last night. 😳 That is 100% truth.  In my house, if it’s not written in the planner…it’s not happening. 😂 #I’mACreatureOfHabit

Additional planner accessories

Planner Accessories

Omgosh!! I can’t believe I almost forgot one of my absolute favorite things about the Life Planner!!  The interchangeable covers!!  There are so many fun designs to choose from and the color options are basically endless!!  You can completely customize them and it’s so fun to do!!  I mean, can you tell I’m kinda obsessed?!  You have to go the website and just play around!  Make something that’s uniquely you!

Well that about sums it up friends!!  I’ve thought soooo many times about putting together a YouTube video or something of me sitting down and actually doing a live planning session so you guys can see the my whole process.  I just wasn’t sure if that’s something people would wanna see.  Would y’all be interested in something like that???  Let me know in the comments below!

Alright, well I hope this helped friends!  Let’s talk toon soon Buddies!

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