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Great gift ideas

ALSO, A HUGE THANKS TO WALMART+ FOR SPONSORING TODAY’S POST AND making our holiday season that much brighter

It’s officially crunch time y’all! Christmas is just days away.  Have you checked everyone off your list yet??  Are you still looking for great gift ideas?? My guess is if you’re reading this, you might still have that “impossible to shop for” name that you haven’t successfully crossed off yet.  Well I’m here to help!

Gift Ideas

My Epiphany

Matt and I also have that person on our list that has everything, needs nothing, and NEVER even gives any hints as to what they might want as a gift.  So we sat down racking our brains the other day trying to think of gift ideas for our little trouble maker.  We asked ourselves: what’s something we might like?  What is something we have and love?  What’s something we use weekly (if not daily) that we couldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) go without?  Duh! Our Walmart + Membership!  I know I shared some of the benefits last month when we were camping for Thanksgiving, but since then, I think we’ve fallen even deeper in love! 😂  We seriously use ours every week, sometimes multiple times, and now, they’ve just launched free shipping with no order minimum (excludes oversized/freight & Marketplace items)!!  That means when you thought you had vanilla for those Christmas cookies you’re baking and it turns out you actually only had one drop left….you can pop back into your Walmart+ account, order that vanilla, and have it shipped straight to your house with next-day or two-day shipping!  No need to change plans or run back out to the store!  So that’s where we decided to start!

Great Gift Ideas

 Other Ideas

Thankfully, through your Walmart+ Membership, there is no shortage of GREAT gift options! Using the membership to get last minute gifts is great for those of us with hard-to-gift names on our list that somehow don’t get checked off until it’s crunch time, lol.

So, below, I’ve shared some great last minute gift ideas that you may still be able to snag in time for the holiday (and with FREE next day shipping)!!  Now, if you’re not 100% convinced that you’ll find “things” that your tough shopper needs, I’m also sharing a really great and unique way to use YOUR membership to help someone ELSE out this holiday season!  And….I’ll also be sharing an example of how we use our Walmart+ Membership.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Real quick before I jump in…you should note…everything I’ve listed out is either free same day delivery from your local store ($35 minimum, restrictions apply) or FREE Shipping with NO minimum on your order because with your membership you qualify for both! Crazy right?!

You’ll just want to double check which Walmart+ benefits are available in your zip code, but I know these are the ones we get:

  • Walmart+ free shipping, no order minimum
  • free deliveries from our local store
  • member prices on fuel
  • mobile scan & go (perfect if you need to run to the store to pick up one of those gift ideas)

Okay, so here we go!  Those last minute gift ideas for those of us who try and skip the holiday rush!

The Chef

The Children

The Techy

The Homebody


Help someone else out this holiday season

Now, maybe the tough-to-shop-for name on your list doesn’t need things this holiday season.  Maybe what they need is a break.  A break from the expenses, a break from the responsibilities, just a break in general.  You, as a Walmart+ member, can buy their groceries FOR THEM!!  As long as your recipient lives in an area where free local delivery is available, you can log into your account, fill the cart with all the groceries they may need for the week, or maybe for a beautiful Christmas dinner, and have it delivered straight to their home!!  Can you imagine the surprise, and SHEER JOY on their face when they open the door to find they don’t have to pay for groceries this week?  What a sweet holiday surprise!!

How We Use Our Membership (plus a surprise bonus gift for you!)

Okay so hopefully that was helpful and you were able to find some last minute gift ideas for your trouble shopper!  Now, just in case you’re curious, I thought I’d show you one of the many ways we’ve been using our Walmart+ membership this season.  Oh! Andddddd, as an added bonus!  I’m giving y’all my family’s absolutely AMAZING fudge recipe (for free of course!) and most of the ingredients can be purchased and delivered (yes for free) from your local Walmart if you have and/or sign up for a Walmart+ membership.

our Usual Traditions

Pre-COVID-19 our holiday seasons looked a little different than they do this year.  We would get together with friends and family, have pot luck dinners where everyone brought their favorite family recipe or we’d have a giant baking session where we’d all bring ingredients to make one of our family’s most popular seasonal treats!

Maybe Starting a new tradition!

Obviously, this year doesn’t look like years past, so instead, we decided to do a virtual recipe exchange and each make EACH OTHER’s family recipes!  Just a fun way to feel connected even if we can’t physically be together!  You guys. It turned out to be SO FUN!!!!

family fudge recipefamily fudge recipe

I submitted my mom’s famous fudge recipe!  One of my girlfriends sent over her family’s cookie recipe, and another her Grandma’s red velvet cake recipe!  We each swapped and made someone’s treat and then shared our families enjoying all the deliciousness!!!

So they sent over the recipe, I hopped into my Walmart+ account, ordered everything I needed with free delivery from my local store,  and as soon as everything arrived we got to baking!!!


Give it a shot!

If you guys haven’t done a virtual recipe swap, I HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot!! Especially if you’re feeling a little bummed that you can’t be close to family and friends this holiday season…I think like most of us are.  If nothing else, you’ll at least get to laugh at your friends when they totally butcher your Grandma’s recipe 😂😂😂😂.

And as promised, here is my favorite family recipe! Hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you make it!!

My Rustic Retreat Family Fudge Recipe

Family Fudge Recipe
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Oh and if you’re looking to go ahead and sign up for a Walmart+ Membership, you can do that HERE! ☺️

Talk soon buddies!

My Rustic Retreat Signing Off

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