Girls Bedroom Makeover

Girls Room Refresh

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Well, if y’all have been following along on Instagram you know that I’ve been working on this Girls Bedroom Makeover for my daughter over the last few weeks.  I”m SO HAPPY to say that’s it’s finally DONE!!!  Both Ava and I are over-the-moon pleased with the results!!  She just loves being in her room now!  And the best part…she’s even been keeping it clean (well, cleaner, lol) so she can enjoy it more!!

I love every detail in her room, from the wallpaper to the chandelier, from the bedding to the rug!  Each element has made such a statement in her room and I love the way everything came together!!


Alright, so per usual, let’s take a look at the “Before” shot and then I’ll show you how we transformed the space one step at at time!

Girls Room Before and After

Super plain right?  We definitely have a great canvas to work with but you can tell this room needs some love.  My first thought in here….accent wall.  But what kind of accent wall?  I’m pretty sure I’ve shared with you guys what a girly-girl Ava, but if I haven’t, I’m telling you now, lol.  She, unlike her mother at that age, likes the finer things in life: rainbows, unicorns, flowers, and pretty much anything that’s pink, purple, and/or glittery.  That said, I wanted to make sure when I was designing her room, the style reflected her and the things she loves.  Balancing that with my preference to not have LOL Doll wallpaper was a challenge, but I think we did a darn good job!

Wallpaper Accent wall

So where did we land with the accent wall??  You guessed it!  An ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL floral wallpaper (peel and stick for the win) that what was actually both of our first choice!!!

Girls Room Refresh with Wallpaper

How perfect is this?!  It’s got pink, purples, grays, and so much white!! I swear this pattern was made for us!!

wallpaper application

One of the most common questions I get about the room is about the wallpaper application.  Was it hard? Does it work on textured walls?  My answers: No. It was not hard at all.  My walls are textured and it works just fine!  I know most wallpaper companies will tell you not to use on textured walls.  I know that’s a CYA thing for them…so just use at your own risk, but mine is sticking just fine!  Below you can see how we applied it!  Ava even helped!

Ps. I’m not sure why the videos look sideways…once you hit play they will turn so you can view them in the right direction!

And that’s it!  I just used my arm/hand to smooth the sheets down onto the wall and get any air bubbles out.  Then I took an exacto-knife to cut the excess in the corners and at the bottom along the trim.  It’s literally THAT easy!

Girls Room Makeover

Girls Room Refresh

Girls Room Makeover

What a difference, RIGHT?!?!  I mean just the wallpaper alone makes such a statement in her room now!!  The tall shelf on the left was actually part of a larger wardrobe unit that we had so I just added that for some storage and already we have a pretty large transformation.  But wait, of course there’s more!!


If any of you have ever lived in any sort of structure with a roof over your head, you have no doubt laid eyes on the infamous “boob light”.  Yes I said boob.  Y’all know the one.  The round dome that looks like it has a nipple coming out of the middle of it.  Well, yes, we have them too in our house and I’m slooooowly trying to transition them out.  Once we finished the wallpaper I knew Ava’s room was way too pretty and unique for a standard, boring ol’ boob light.  (Below is pretty much exactly what we had.)

Girls Room Makeover

Yeah.  It had to go.  Thus begun my search for a dainty, feminine, brass chandelier.  And I found the PERFECT ONE from  I chose the 5-light option because I didn’t want anything too huge, and this one just fit perfectly in her space. Girls Room Makeover
Girls Room Lighting Refresh

You’ll notice the bed looks a little more colorful as well, I just bought some tulle from a local fabric store and tied it back over the headboard to frame it out and make it a little more fun and girly!  I probably should have made them longer, but whatever, lol. They’ll do. 😂😂😂


Alright, the next step was bedding.  Even though white is classic, Ava definitely needed some fun, and practical bedding to incorporate into her new oasis.  If you follow me on my social channels you already know I’m a HUGE fan of Beddy’s Beds.  They’re THE BEST solution for getting your kids to make their beds, HANDS DOWN.  All the kids have to do is zip up their top sheet and they’re DONE!  It’s amazing, y’all.  Their rooms look so much cleaner and put together because of these bedding sets.  Also, I have a DISCOUNT CODE for y’all if you decide to purchase one!  Use code: RUSTICRETREAT for 15% off!!

Girls Room Refresh Girls Room Bedding

The one Ava and I chose is the Nantucket in a Full Size.  We added the Minky option to make sure it was nice and cozy for her.  Then we added the Daydream & So Grape Accessory Bundle because like I told y’all earlier, she LOVES rainbows and this pillow and blanket set was just too cute!!  Not only does it match this beautiful sage green perfectly, but this set would look good with nearly ANY COLOR!

Girls Room Bedding Girls Room Makeover


And then of course the final steps include adding those little touches to really tie the room together.  Ava loves to read so a reading chair was a must.  She also needed some additional shelving and a rug.

I found this AMAZING Egg Chair on sale and knew it would fit the vibe in here perfectly.  It was super simple to put together and already came with the cushion. All we did was add some pillows and a few of her favorite stuffies for coziness!  (Yes I know the curtain rod is empty 😂😂.  My mom is still sewing those lol.)

Girls Nursery Makeover

We thought adding some shelving above the dresser would be both practical and cute.  I happened to have some old shelves lying around, so I sanded them down to make sure I got that natural wood tone to come through, bought some white brackets at Home Depot and voila!  Super simple and cheap!

Girls Room Makeover Girls Room Makeover Girls Room Makeover

This was the “Before” of the shelf in case you wanted to see it!

Girls Room Makeover


And last but certainly not least…we needed to add a rug.  Now, Ava’s room is carpet so no, we did not absolutely NEED a rug.  However, I think rugs really add so much personality to a space and ties all the other design attributes together.  We went with a neutral colored boho style rug to complete the vibe in here and we couldn’t be happier with the results!!

Girls Room Makeover This one here is from  BoutiqueRugs.  If you haven’t shopped them before, you HAVE to!!  Everything is so beautiful and super affordable! Plus, I have a DISCOUNT CODE for y’all!!  Make sure you use code: RUSTICRETREAT55 for 55% off! That’s right, 55!!!!!

Y’all, it feels so good to have been able to do this for, and with, my daughter.  We’ve moved around so much the last few years we haven’t put a real bedroom together like this for her since her nursery!!!  She totally deserved it and the best part is, it’s totally HER!!! She loves it and loves spending time in there!  We’re so proud!

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Here’s some additional pics just for fun!!

Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!!  Did you pull any inspo from this to do in your kids’ rooms/spaces?  What are y’all working on now? Would love to know!!

Talk soon buddies!!

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Girls Room Makeover
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  1. Love the bedroom and will be ordering the wallpaper. What color paint did you do on the walls? I’d love to find one that works well with that wallpaper. Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!

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