3 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Space & Start Loving It NOW!

3 ways to update your space

Could it really be that easy?  3 simple ways to refresh your space?  Yes!  It can!!  I’m not talking major overhaul here either.  There are, in my humble opinion,  3 things you can add, or change, in a space that will completely change the look and feel of the room.  Can you guess what they are?  As I share them with y’all, I’m going to give you examples of each so you can see what I mean.


Before we jump in, as always, I just wanna say real quick, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for any and all affiliate links that you may use throughout this post.  I appreciate MORE THAN YOU know when you support the brands that help to support this little blog & our little fam!!

# 1: Accented Wall

Now, I intentionally left this one a little generic because a wall can be accented with paint, wallpaper, shiplap, board and batten, etc, etc.  There are tons of way to create an accent wall in your space.  For example, here’s a before and after in my son’s room I did just a couple weeks ago.


I intentionally didn’t put the finished photo yet (I’ll share that in the next category), because I wanted you to see what a transformation it was just adding peel and stick wallpaper.  Crazy, right?!


Now let’s see what just a little paint can do!

3 ways to refresh your space

Painted Bathroom
Photo Credit: Chaney, Mix & Match Design Company

Painted Bathroom 2

Can you believe the complete transformation in this bathroom?!  This design & makeover is from Chaney at Mix & Match Design Studio.  If you look closely you can see that the only difference she made was paint and slightly different light fixtures.  BAM!  Completely new room!

3D Elements (Board & Batten, Shiplap, Wood, etc.)

Okay, last 2 examples, let’s look at adding a 3D element to the accent wall!

Before&After Accent Wall
Photo Source: Hunker, via Shades of Blue Interiors
Kitchen Island B&B
I chose this photo so you can see even half walls can be spruced up!         Photo Source: Remodelaholic 

Alright, so now that we’ve seen how easy it can be to spruce up a wall, let’s move on to the second way to refresh your space!

#2: Lighting

Y’all.  I can’t emphasize this one enough!  Lighting is HUGE!!  It can completely change the look and feel of a room! Take my son’s room for example.  Here’s the finished product after the wallpaper install….AND after adding a fun wall sconce for a reading light!

Boy Room-19

And NOW see how it looks with an awesome pendant light instead of that standard boob light that comes in all houses! 😂 Both lighting additions in this room help give that masculine industrial feel I was going for.  Without them, the room just looked boring and super builder-grade (and no there’s nothing wrong with that, I just like to customize)!

3 easy ways to refresh your space

Boy Room-2

Shop This Room

So cute right?  Just adds that pop of character and makes the room feel way more put together!  I got this pendant from Lights.com.  When you guys are ready to purchase lighting, I HIGHLY recommend them!!  They’re super affordable, very easy to work with, and have a really quick shipping time!  I got my daughter’s light from them as well (that reveal will be coming soon so make sure you’re signed up to receive my emails).

Shop this Light (and it’s brothers)

Okay here’s another example! Both examples are sooo pretty, but you can see what a different vibe they give off.

How pretty are these photos from Liz Marie Blog?! Notice how in the first picture she’s got darker, moodier lighting options that give a more industrial feel.  On the right, she lightens it up a bit and the space has a bright and airy feel.

Alright, so I think you get what a difference lighting can make.  Let’s move on to our final, super easy trick to refreshing your space.

#3 Textiles

Now when I say textiles, this could mean rugs, throw pillows, or even curtains.  All of these things can really enhance the look of a room.  It can  “complete” that look you’re going for, provide warmth and/or color, and really tie the whole room together.  You can scroll up and see what a difference it made in my son’s room, but here’s another example.

Playroom Organization MakeoverPlayroom-4

Shop This Room

Now I know one of these pictures shows a complete disaster (that’s our playroom on any normal day, lol) and the other is much more put together….but try and look past that to see what a difference a simple rug makes!  In this playroom it adds a feeling of whimsy and breaks up the darker carpet color.  (ps. if you want to see how I did the rest of this playroom makeover you can just click the link!)

Below is another example.  Notice the first picture is missing a rug in the living room.  Photo 2 has a much warmer and homier feel because we added a rug to soften the space!

Clean and Simple DIY Gallery Wall

Clean and Simple DIY Wall Gallery

Shop This Room

I couldn’t find the before photo for this next example, but you can see what a statement the textiles in this photo make!  Look at the pillows, the rug, the throw blanket.  They all tie together and cozy-up the space.  Now imagine, the room without them.  It would be much colder, less texture, less color, and less personality!

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 6.43.09 PM

Now Let’s Do It!

So there ya have it!! 3 SUPER simple ways to refresh your space and start loving it NOW!!!  I’m telling you guys, making over a space DOES NOT have to break the bank!  Yes some rugs are expensive, but some are not!  Yes, some lights are expensive, but so many are not!! Seriously, set your budget, create a mood (or Pinterest) board so you know what you like, and then find items that fall within both those guidelines!

To help you out, here a few of my favorite, and affordable retailers for each category!

Wallpapers (I linked you directly to the wallpaper pages):



Hope that helps friends!!  Would love to know what spaces you guys are wanting to update!! Leave me a comment below and let me know if you have any questions or need any help with your room makeover!!

Talk soon buddies!

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