How To Create A Spooky Tablescape—{Instantly Up Your Halloween Game With This Easy Trick!}

Creating a Spooky Halloween Tables Setting
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It’s Hocus Pocus time witches!!  I absolutely LOVE this time time of year!!  The pumpkins, the leaves, the crisp smelling air, the spooky, and of course THE WITCHES!  If you’ve been following for a while you know every year I create a spooky tablescape.  Well this year….I wanted to up my Halloween game!  (See last year’s photos below.)

As much as I loved my spooky tablescape last year, I knew this year I wanted to step up the creepy just a bit.  My kids are getting older and they LOVE Halloween as much as I do so I wanted to do something fun and creative for them (and for me lol).

Before Penguin Dry Ice

That said, you’ll notice a lot of the decor is the same from last year (y’all know I like to be able to use my decor over and over again)!  A few minor additions and repurposing (for example, the placemats are now made to look like napkins), but the major game changer this year—Penguin Dry Ice!  I mean just look at that before and after!!  What a difference right?!?!

How to Create A Spooky Tablescape
Double Double Toil and Trouble
Using Dry Ice at Halloween
So Spooky!

The best part is it’s SUPER easy to use!!  You basically just add water!!


Okay before I get too far into the HOW I created this look, I also have to mention that now through November 6th, Penguin Dry Ice is hosting their annual Frightfully Cool Halloween contest where YOU yourself could win $1,000!!!  All you have to do is create your very own Penguin Dry Ice display and submit either your photo or video  here: .  That’s it!  Super simple!

WAIT! It gets even better!! I get to be one of the guest judges for the contest this year!!!! What?!?!? I’m so excited and honored to be a part of it!  But mostly, I CAN’T WAIT to see y’all’s awesome submissions!

Couple logistical things before you enter:

  • If you’re not sure where your nearest local Penguin Dry Ice retailer is, you can find it HERE
  • Make sure you take a look at the Penguin Dry Ice Safety Guidelines  before handling dry ice and creating your display 
  • Winners will be announced late November 
  • If you share on any social media platforms, make sure to use #FrightfullyCool #DryIceHalloweenContest

HOW I CREATED MY Creepy Tablescape using DRY ICE

Okay, so as I mentioned, using dry ice is super simple!!  You do wanna make sure you have a hammer and some thick gloves to break up the ice and handle it safely.  You can’t touch it with bare skin so I took the hammer to it while it was still in the bag (also to prevent smaller pieces from flying all over the place).

Then I just took a plastic cauldron I had from a few years back.  Poured 8oz of hot water into it then grabbed about 1lb of dry ice and dropped it in (using the gloves of course)! Cauldron.jpg

Voila!  Spooky Tablescape! Super simple!


Skeleton Witch and Dry Ice Cauldron
Basic Witch
How to Create a Spooky Tablescape
Mixing Potions

Spooky Tablescape with FogCreating a Spooky Halloween Tables SettingSpooky Dining Room Decor for HalloweenDry Ice Halloween Display

Last little tip I’ll give is to just be conscious of whatever surface you have the dry ice on.  I had mine in this plastic cauldron on top of my wood table.  It was fine for the 30 min or so I had it going, but if you’re doing to keep it bubbling for an extended period of time, just make sure the receptacle isn’t too cold for whatever surface it’s on!

Happy Halloween Friends!  And good luck to all those who enter!  I can’t wait to see your displays!!

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