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So I just looked at the date that I originally started this blog post.  April 19th, 2019.  Ha. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Guess I got busy, ya know, with school wrapping up, vacationing in Italy, all while planning and preparing for a move across country! 🤯🤯🤯  (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or that I even moved, lol, I share all about it in this previous post. ) . Needless to say, lol, life has been a little crazy the last few months.  I’m sorry that it’s taken me soooooo long to share the details of our super simple DIY photo gallery wall!  I updated this wall not too long before we had to move and I absolutely fell in love with it!! I’m going to recreate this exact same look in our new home!  Which we officially move into NEXT WEEK!!!! (Champagne waterfalls everywhere!!)

As always, before we jump in, I just wanna say real quick, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for any and all affiliate links that you may use throughout this post.  I appreciate MORE THAN YOU know when you support the brands that help to support this little blog & our little fam!!

Simple DIY Gallery Wall

Okay so, for me, the easiest way to get the photos lined up and straight was to just get a big yard stick or meter stick, hold it up against the wall (use a level to make sure it’s straight).  Decide how far apart you want your photos, and then mark the wall just above the yard stick.  I had my photos a little off center just because we have light switches on the left side.  But you can decide what would look best for your space!

As far as the photos themselves…I chose a few from the same shoot so those were easy to color match, but the other photos were taken at completely different times so I had to use an app call Lightroom to edit them.  Basically I reduced the saturation and tried to create a uniform look across all the photos by adjusting the color tones.  It took a while but I figured it out!!  If you don’t have photo editing software (Lightroom Mobile is actually free and works very well), or aren’t familiar with how to use it, no worries!  You could always do your gallery in black and white!  That’s always and safe and very beautiful alternative!!

Also, feel free to reach out to me!!  If I have the time and bandwidth, I’m more than happy to work with you!!  We can discuss styles, number of photos, pricing, etc, and create a package that’s perfect for you and your space!!

Farmhouse Vintage Farmhouse Rug

Photo Gallery Wall

Now, for the BEST part!  The actual photo hangers!!  They’re actually canvas hangers!  I knew I wanted something very simple on this wall.  Nothing bulky, and something that would bring in a natural element and tie in the wood tones I have (well, had, lol, this is my old home) throughout the house.   I will link the canvas hangers HERE, or you can click the photo below.

**Please note here:  there are several different sizes of hangers.  You also need to decide if you are going to have your photos in Portrait or Landscape layout.  Mine are portrait.  The photos are 11×16’s, so I ordered the 11″ canvas hangers.  They match perfectly.  If you are getting 8×10 photos in Landscape layout, then you would need the 10″ canvas hangers.  I hope that makes sense!  If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!!  Happy to answer any y’all have!!

Clean and Simple DIY Wall Gallery

I just used nails to hang mine.  They are not heavy at all!  They’re very easy to adjust because they are just hanging from a suede cord.  Also, I love these because it’s SUPER easy to just change out the photos and update them!  It was always such a pain to remove the photo frames from the wall, bend all those little prongs back, get the photo straight, tape it down so it doesn’t move, then close everything back up.  Not with these!!  They’re magnetic and come apart very easily!  I LOVE them!!

I know I will get questions about it, but the “All The Feels” sign was something I got off of  If you’re not familiar with Jane, they are a website that offers temporarily flash sales on thousands of items.  I did a collaboration with them a few months back and this was one of the items I picked out.  Unfortunately it’s not available anymore, but I’m sure you could find something similar on Etsy!  You could probably even personalize the phrase to make it your own!  That’s the best part about creating a DIY photo gallery wall!  It’s totally unique to you!

Clean and Simple DIY Gallery Wall

Well, that pretty much sums it up!!  It was a SUPER easy project!! Honestly, the longest (and toughest) part was picking the photos out and editing them!  The rest was a breeze!!

So, if you guys have any questions let me know in the comments below!! Also, if you decide to give your own DIY photo gallery wall a shot, please share pics on Instagram and tag me!! I love seeing y’all’s beautiful homes!!  

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Last thing!  Once I get these hung in the new house I’ll be sure to share that here!

Talk soon buddies!

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