The Best Farmhouse Rugs on Amazon, & Tips for Finding The Perfect Rug for YOU!!

How to Shop for the Best and Most Affordable Farmhouse Rugs on Amazon

Rugs.  I’m not gonna lie y’all.  When it comes to rugs…I always drop the ball!  Not because I don’t know how to pick ’em, but because they’re always the LAST thing I think of when it comes to home decor.  I am so ashamed to say I have like 3 rugs in my house right now!  I know.  It’s basically a crime.  We have so much wood floor in our house and I only have, MAYBE, 5% of it covered.  No wonder my house is cold and my feet always hurt, lol 😂.

Seriously though, I’ve been searching high and low for rugs over these last few weeks and was THRILLED to see that Amazon not only has GREAT options, but they’re SUPER affordable too!!  And because I liked what I saw while I was perusing the infinite webspace that is The Amazon Marketplace (seriously, they have SO MUCH STUFF), I decided it might be helpful to go ahead and round-up my absolute fave farmhouse-style finds to share them with you guys as well!!

Wall Gallery-15
Love this Beige & Gray Distressed Beauty Right Here!!

Now, as far as styling recommendations go (size, shape, and placement of your rugs), there are some GREAT resources out there to help you!  My advice would be to search Pinterest for tips (there’s a plethora to choose from).  In terms of the STYLE of the rugs, well of course, that is completely up to you, your aesthetic, your home’s color palette, and YOUR style.

Here are my tips for picking a rug:

  • Decide the rugs purpose.  (Support/Cushion, Functionality, Looks/Aesthetic, Statement Piece, etc.)
    • Sounds silly, but if it’s purpose is to provide support & cushion while you’re standing at the sink, then you’ll need to consider the ply, pile thickness, etc.  It’s purpose it to be used a doormat or a runner to prevent slipping then you’ll want to consider the tracking and sprouting.  If the purpose is only to look good and make a statement then chances are you can just go with whatever you love! (Although if you have kids and animals you may want to take a look at shedding and stain resistance lol.)
    • Ps.  If this all sounds like gibberish, here’s a place to go to get the definitions of some of this rug terminology!
  • Make sure you pick something you absolutely LOVE!!  If you don’t love it…keep looking!! 
    • Now while it might seem like a lot of pressure (and require tons of patience) to find something you LOVE, I promise it’ll be worth it in the long run!  Even though you can find super affordable rugs (like the ones I shared here), you don’t want to be swapping your rugs out every year because you’re sick of them or they’re no longer “in style”.  The costs will add up, plus it can be kinda daunting moving all your furniture around to replace the rugs……again.
  • Purchase rugs that can easily be switched out from room to room. (See what I mean below)
    • This is just a recommendation but it’s a practice I have in place.  It saves me money in the long run because when I get tired of a space or want a new look, I can just switch up my rugs! Pull the rug from the sunroom into the living room and voila! Whole new look! One of my InstaInspirations, Erin @cottonstem , just talked about this in a recent blog post too!  I’ll link that here for y’all!  She refers to it as “the itch to switch”, lol.  It’s basically just a budget friendly way to satisfy that need to change things up!
    • If you’re one of those go-bold-or-go-home types and you know you want statement rugs that match each room separately, then by all means, you do you! There is no “right” way to do things in design.  Which is why I love it!
  • Carefully consider shape and size. 
    • As I mentioned earlier, Pinterest has some awesome resources for determining which rug size and shape would “best fit” the space.  If you’re not quite sure what to be looking for, I’d start there and just do a bit of research.  While there are no hard-fast rules, these guidelines will keep you informed as to what “generally” looks best.
    • Don’t skimp here!  If you know you need a 9’x12′ but don’t want to pay the higher price compared to the 8’x10′, just WAIT and SAVE for it!  Getting one that’s too big or too small will drive you crazy (or at least it would me) and before you know it, there you are, shopping for a new rug again!😂

That about sums up my pointers!  Hopefully that helped y’all out a bit!

Okay so now that we’ve covered HOW to pick the rug, here they are!! My FAVORITE Farmhouse Rug Finds on Amazon!!  I have all of them linked for you (below the collage) as well!

How to shop for the best and most affordable farmhouse rugs from Amazon
Amazon Farmhouse Rugs

I shared some additional styled rug photos below to show y’all what I meant when I said “Purchase rugs that can easily be switched out from room to room.”  I’m basically sharing two rooms I styled using the same rug.  First I had it down in my living room, and recently we moved it up into the master.  Hopefully seeing the photos will help encourage you to have more of a “holistic view” of your home as you shop around for rugs!

Would love for y’all to leave any questions/comments/tips you have about purchasing rugs below in the comment box!!

As always, talk soon buddies!!


Easy way to update your master bedroom
This is the same rug from above, but I decided to move it into the bedroom!  Looks just as good in here!! Especially with the new bedding (linked here)!!
Farmhouse Vintage Farmhouse Rug
Distressed Beige Rug in the Living Room
Distressed Beige Farmhouse Rug
Distressed Beige Styled in the Master Bedroom (bedding linked here)


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