Affordable Wal-Mart Christmas Finds: Buffalo Plaid Edition

If you’re feelin’ the Buffalo Plaid pattern for Christmas this year, boy do I have a treat for you!! I’ve rounded up some ADORABLE buffalo check holiday decor, and guess what….it’s ALL from WAL-MART!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼  Cute AND affordable?! Count me in!

So to kick things off, I wanted to share this “mood board” I put together for y’all! Cute right?!  I felt that giving you guys a visual was important so y’all could see how everything would mesh together.  But don’t worry, I’ll also be sharing each item individually to help explain & give tips on how I’d style each of them in my home!

Walmart Xmas Buffalo Finds

Now, because buffalo plaid is somewhat of a bold color pattern, I personally just like to add touches here & there, and not necessarily cover the room from floor to ceiling, 😂 lol.  But hey, if that’s what you like, no judgement here!  #youdoyou 🙌🏼

So, my plan for decorating would be to add some throw pillows, some accents around & on the Christmas tree, and then bring that same pattern and continuity into some of the other decor around the house (like a mantel, sofa table, shelves, etc).  Make sense?

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Okay, let’s start with the Christmas Tree!  This is a shot of my tree from last year.  It’s the same one from the mood board above, and might just be my favorite tree of ALL TIME!!! I just love it so much.  It’s perfect, and has everything!  It’s pre-lit, it already comes with the pinecones attached, it’s got these fun red berries (which would tie in perfectly with the buffalo check pattern), and it’s even flocked!!! It seriously is an AMAZING tree!  And because it’s available from Wal-Mart, it’s super affordable!  Trust me…I know how expensive Christmas trees can get.  This one is an awesome deal!

Buffalo Ornaments

Next on the list of course, the ornaments!  Once you’ve got the tree, it’s time to begin adorning it with all the things!  And how adorable are these buffalo plaid woodland ornaments?!  So fun right?  I love that they fit perfectly into the decor but still add whimsy with the cute little animals!


Next, and equally important when decorating for Christmas…the tree skirt & stockings!! How fun is this sherpa lined, buffalo plaid set?!?!  The sherpa is what set it off for me! I’m a huge fan (as you know) of mixing textures, so when I saw these I just had to share them with you!! It adds to much warmth & coziness, LOVE!!

Buffalo Xmas Banner

Now that we’ve got the “staples” we can move on to some of the fun accent decor we love to display around the house!  This banner would be so cute hanging on a mantel, or a wall, or even over a doorway or hallway.  It’s so festive and brings continuity to the “theme” in other areas of the home!  AND!  It matches the cute little animals from the ornaments! Win win!!

Plaid Reindeer.jpeg

Another fun accent piece is this ADORABLE plaid reindeer!  I’m a sucker for reindeer.  I don’t know exactly what it is about them, but to me, they’re just so magical.  I literally have them all over my house at Christmas time 😂.  If you’re going with red for the season, this little guy is a must have!

Buffalo Check Pillow.jpeg

And of course, you really can’t do any seasonal decorating without throw pillows!  AM I RIGHT?!  Throw pillows are so easily changed out.  They’re timeless and add so much warmth & coziness to any space.  I mean, enough said, right?!  So of course I had to find a cute buffalo plaid throw pillow to add to the list!!

Buffalo Gift Tags.jpeg

Okay, so moving on to gifts & parties…I found these super cute buffalo plaid gift tags!  Aren’t they awesome?!  Every year I try & have the gifts under my tree match the “theme” I’m going for.  It’s just something fun I like to do that makes for cute pictures. And, for our family, just adds a little more magic & cheer to the season ☺️.  I thought these gift tags would look so GREAT hanging from presents under the tree! Especially if you’re using the plaid tree skirt👆🏼 too!!  These are the types of little details I like to add in my “decor”.  It just makes everything look so much more put together & intentional.


And last but not least…a fun little item (or items I should say) that would make for great gifts…but would also make for a GREAT time (and lots of laughs) at any Christmas party.  REINDEER MUG SHOT SIGNS!!!  Omgosh.  Aren’t these hilarious?! You get to fill in the crime! Imagine how creative people would get with these after a few holiday cocktails! HA!  Love it!  I’ve seen some cute ones like “Laughed & Called Names”.  Get it?!  From the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song??  Anyway, you could be as clean (or dirty) as you wanted to with these, lol.  Thought this was super fun! (I’m sure the kids would love them too!)


Well that about sums up my Buffalo Plaid finds from Wal-Mart.  My goal here was to help you complete the look, but make sure the items were subtle and scattered around the home enough to prevent you from overdoing it, lol.  We’re not going for 90s plaid on plaid on plaid here! 😂  We’re going for fun, festive, & whimsical!  Well, and trendy of course, lol.

Let me know in the comments below what “theme” you guys are thinking about going with this year!! I’d love to hear!


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