Autumn Decor Round-Up: Simple Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Home w/out Breakin’ the Bank!

Who loves decorating for Fall?? 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻  This girl does for sure!! But I also know how expensive it can be decorating year after year, season after season.  Styles change, so do our tastes/preferences; & then add to that the constantly evolving trends…sometimes it feels like we need to spend an arm & a leg to decorate for the season.  Well, thankfully, that’s just not true!! We can definitely give our homes a little seasonal refresh WITHOUT breaking the bank!

Real quick, before I jump into the goodies I found for y’all, let me give you some quick tips on making sure you’re staying within your decorating budget & also your “theme” or “style”.

  1. Look for inspiration before you buy!
    • Instead of just heading to your fave home decor shop to start gathering your goodies, take a few minutes to search for some inspirational photos & put together a plan/theme for your decor.
    • Some great places to look—Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, even ONLINE at your fave home decor shops! This will help you to see what’s trending this season, decide what you like & don’t like, & give you a sense of what you’re hoping to achieve with your look! Nearly every home decor website has a “seasonal” or “fall” tab so they make it super easy for you to find what you’re looking for!  And when you’re searching the social media sites, just type in what you’re looking for in the search bar!  There are ENDLESS amounts of inspiration out there!
  2. Try not to buy on a whim!
    • Now I know this isn’t the most fun, BUT, it will help you out tremendously if you can go ahead & take an inventory of what seasonal decor you currently own BEFORE you head out shopping.  I know….it’s a total pain in the butt, but yes, climb that little hiney into the attic, take down all the fall decor, & figure out what you’re going to reuse for the current year!  As much as I hate to admit it, there are things I forget about from year to year so doing this helps me make sure I’m not rebuying things I already own (or things similar to what I already own).  It’s a great way to keep yourself in check!
    • Once you’re out shopping, try not to buy things JUST BECAUSE you love them.   Only buy things you ABSOLUTELY LOVE.  Does that make sense?  So if you see something you like but it’s not going to match or compliment your decor, maybe it’s a good idea to pass on that item.  On the other hand, don’t just buy something because it will match your theme, make sure you really love it too!  Keeping these little “rules” in mind while you’re shopping will just help you go easier on your pocketbook 😉.
    • Now, rules were made to be broken right?? LOL.  So there is caveat here.  If you come across something you just HAVE to have, and it in no way matches the vibe you’re going for, feel free to splurge of course!  Just make sure you’re keeping your budget in mine ; and be sure you ALREADY HAVE A PLACE FOR IT in your home!! Just another way to keep yourself on track!

Now, one of my favorite things about home decor is the endless varieties of style.  I appreciate ALL styles!  And I love seeing how others get creative in their homes & make their spaces unique to them & their loved ones! This holds true with fall decor as well!  And though there are still tons of variety in fall decorations, I typically see styles sorta fall into two categories: “neutral” (whites, greens, blues, pastels) & “traditional” (oranges, reds, yellows, browns).  So, because I wanted to make sure I found something for all my buddies, I grouped my finds into those two categories for y’all! 😁  Hopefully, between the two collages I put together, y’all will find some goodies that you love & that’ll be right at home, in YOUR home! 💛




Shop These Neutral Goodies


Autumn Round Up Orange.jpg

Shop These Traditional Goodies


I’m absolutely loving both of these schemes for fall!! In fact, I actually have quite a few of these items styled in my home as we speak!! Hope these collages help get your creative juices flowing!  Do you guys have a go-to item that you decorate with every fall??  Let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for fun new ideas!

Talk soon buddies!  And thanks for stopping by! I love when y’all come & visit!!



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