Favorite Fall Farmhouse Signs & Tips On Styling Them

I don’t know exactly what it is about fall, but something about its arrival makes me want to decorate my house like I’m living in my own little personal Hobby Lobby! 😂 I’m talking hours of arranging & rearranging & figuring out where to put my 1,500 fall signs,  350,000 pumpkins, & 2.5 TONS of faux floral.  Okay, maybe those numbers are slightly exaggerated (although if you ask my husband he’ll probably say they’re “dead-on-balls-accurate”— My Cousin Vinnie anyone??).  The point is, I’m obsessed with this time of year, and pretty much remain in design-mode until early January.  Sounds exhausting right? Well it can be, but I LOVE it!

Now, because I know not everyone goes all-out crazy like me, I decided to break up the fall blog posts into smaller (& less overwhelming 😂) chunks.  So, last week I shared my Fall Tablescape, today we’re talking about Fall Signs; & coming soon, I’ll be sharing a fun Fall Round-Up (basically some simple & affordable ways to bring autumn indoors).  Then, after that, we’ll be talking Halloween Table Ideas! So stay tuned for those.

Okay, so on to the main event! Fall Signs!

You may have realized by now that I’m obsessed with signs 😁.  To me, they’re a fun (and simple) way to bring personality & character into you home!  Somehow, they just bring on this whole new level of cozy (especially if you choose signs that have meaning to you)!  And believe it or not, our guests love them as well!  They seem to really enjoy walking around & reading the little sayings we have scattered throughout our home—it’s something fun & unique for them too!

Before I divulge my favorites, I should mention…all the signs I’m sharing today I actually own.  I’ve held them & styled them & can attest to their amazing quality!  There are a few things I consider when purchasing signs:  1) quality, 2) uniqueness of the design, & 3) versatility.  (Side note: I do typically get mine from small shops, not big box stores,—just a personal preference.)  So, all the signs I’m showing y’all today meet all three of those standards! They’re GREAT quality, unique (even if they’re simple), & versatile so I can use them almost anywhere in my home (& keep them displayed throughout the entire season, or longer)!

Ps. Stay tuned at the end for some coupon codes! 😉

Oh, & FYI, these are in no particular order & underneath each photo I’ll share little tips I use for styling them! 
Fall Tablescape-15
Gather, Vintage Metal Co

This Gather sign from Vintage Metal Co is definitely one of my faves!! And guess what! This bad boy actually stays up all year-long!! See what I mean—versatile! Even though I don’t use it in every room in the house, the fact that I can use it year-round is enough for me!  The kitchen would be another great place for this one, or even the living room/den.  Depending on the size you get, you could hang it on a large wall as a statement piece (like I’ve done here), or you could get a smaller size & hang it as the focal point in a wall gallery, or over a door/window to spruce up any large negative/white spaces.

Harvest, Gather Give Thanks; 2 Daughters Heirlooms

This little guy (Harvest, Gather, Give Thanks made by 2 Daughters Heirlooms) I love because I can literally style him (or her 🤷🏻‍♀️) anywhere!  My personal go-to is to use it how you see here, in a tiered tray.  The size is perfect, it adds visual interest to the vignette, and breaks up the floral/pumpkin theme while still keeping with the natural elements.  This sign could work in soooo many places though: any type of shelving (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, you name it), tabletop vignettes, trays (tiered or not), hanging in a gallery, as part of a large floral arrangement or wreath, I mean the possibilities are endless!

Pumpkin Pies, Happy Harvest; Dixie Do Designs

With this photo ya get a twofer! 😉 These cuties are from Dixie Do Designs & I’m sure you can see why I’ve included them in my list of faves.  Aren’t they adorable?! I typically keep the Pumpkin Pies sign in my kitchen (because I think it makes the most sense, lol), but there are tons of ways to style it—hang it in that fun little space between the stove top & the vent hood/microwave; display it on some open shelving; hang it above the sink (or the window above the sink); or even above a doorway or pantry (ex. below).

The little Happy Harvest sign is another one of those that can pretty much work anywhere! I often use mine in my tiered trays or as part of a vignette on a shelf somewhere, but you can also see below how I’ve used it most recently in a floral arrangement!

Pumpkin Pies Doorway
Pumpkin Pies
Happy Harvest Floral Arrangement
Happy Harvest

Pumpkin Patch Family Sign
Customizable Family Name Pumpkin Patch Sign, 2 Daughters Heirlooms

Okay, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to have a favorite fave, but if I were, this one might just take the cake!!  Seriously, it combines 3 of my absolute favorite things; my family, my wedding day, & pumpkins. I mean, need I say more?? To make this Pumpkin Patch sign from 2 Daughters Heirlooms even sweeter, the entire sign is 3D!! What?! I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo, but every single letter & design element is hand-glued on the sign making this super unique 3D design! It’s so cool you guys!


Now, because this is more of a statement piece, I’ll usually hang it somewhere prevalent in the home, with not much “distraction” around.  Meaning, I try to keep the decor surrounding the piece fairly simple.  You’ll notice in the picture there’s a lot of white space around the sign, & then things start to get busier the further you move away from it. The sign itself is sleek, bold, & simple, but still large enough that it can stand alone very well.  You could always include some smaller, more subtle design elements around it though, and that would work just as well!

Fall Bucket List, Our Kindred Home

Ahhh.  The infamous fall bucket list.  I knew I needed one of these.  I’m pretty much a sucker for all things fall so I love the thought of a bucket list!  It’s just such a great reminder of all the fabulous things you should take advantage of during the season!  And being a midwest transplant from the south, I am FOR SURE soaking up every fall activity I possibly can while the leaves are falling and temps are in the mid-50s!!

This sign from Our Kindred Home has such a unique box-style design!  When I saw it, I immediately thought, “this would look awesome popping out from the center of a wreath”!  And voila! There we go!  I just used some twine to attach it from the hooks/hangers on the back & that’s it!  I have this guy hanging in my entryway so I see it every time I walk in my house! I love it!

Leaves, 2 Daughters Heirlooms

This is another great one here folks!  Love the saying, love the design, LOVE LOVE LOVE the leaves!!  I’ve never seen a sign like this Leaves Sign from 2 Daughers Heirlooms!! It’s so different, and in my opinion, can match ANY style of fall decor!  It’s available in several different color options as well! The laser cut leaves & 3D design are flawless! I’m just not sure you can get more symbolic of fall.  HUGE FAN of this one!

Oh, and just an FYI, the leaves that are ON the sign are already attached & secure, but the leaves surrounding the frame (the ones on the wall) are sold separately here (they’re also from 2 Daughters Heirlooms).

Leaves, 2 Daughters Heirlooms
Close Up of 3D Design

Farm Fresh Pumpkins, Our Kindred Home

And last but certainly NOT least is this Farm Fresh Pumpkins sign from Our Kindred Home. I really dig the farmhouse vintage feel of this one!!  Plus, the colors are amazing!! Yet another thing I love…not only is the quality great, but it’s so light it makes it super easy to hang! As far as styling goes, I’ve done it a few different ways.  I’ve hung it above a small table with some festive fall mums below it; I’ve used it in a vignette like you see above, where it’s just leaning on a large table with some fall floral & a cute little scarecrow framing it; and then of course I’ve surrounded it with pumpkins to make it look as though it’s actually on a pumpkin farm!  This is a really fun one! ☺️

That was quite a lineup, am I right?!  There is such great talent in this world & I love doing my little part to help share it! 💚💚  And guess what else I get to share with you guys?! Coupon codes!! 🎉🎉 Woohoo!!  As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely love supporting small shops! There’s something so rewarding about knowing that the hard earned money you’re spending is literally going to help support someone’s livelihood! Maybe they have little mouths to feed, maybe they’re supporting an aging parent, maybe they’re trying to send the next generation of entrepreneurs to college.  Who knows! But either way, I’m happy to help!! If you feel the same way, then I encourage you to check out each of the small shops I mentioned today.  You won’t regret it!

Oh, I should also mention…this post is NOT sponsored or paid for by anyone! These opinions are all my own & I just felt like spreadin’ the love!  😉

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Additional sources:

Olive Buckets

Tea Light Lantern

Scarecrow Girl

Orange Woven Pumpkin (Similar Version)

(Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  Thank you in advance for using any of them! It’s what allows me to keep sharing with you guys, while still being there for those who call me Wife & Mommy! ☺️)

If you guys have some favorite small shops that you think I should check out, please let me know in the comments below!!

Talk soon buddies!


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  1. We have been searching for a new dining table, saw your table featured on Boutique rugs and also here. Would you be wilking to share where it was purchased? Thank you.

    • Hi Leith! Thanks for stopping by! Absolutely, it’s from a local Dallas furniture shop called Freed’s Furniture

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