Fall Tablescape: Combining Tried & True Traditional With Trendy Neutrals


Well, here we are again.  That time of year when half the female population is holding on to those last few days of summer, & the other half is already knee deep into a pumpkin spice latte.  I, as you already know, am included in the latter half.  In fact, I literally had my first PSL of the season today.  #noshame 😂

So, since all of us are either prepping & planning for fall or pulling pumpkins out of the attic as we speak, (there’s no third group here 😉, jk) I thought this would be the perfect time to share the fun fall tablescape I put together this year!

Now, because I like to mix things up from year to year, I decided this time it would be fun to incorporate some of the traditionally “fall colors” with some of my favorite “neutral-ish” colors. I say neutral-ish because some of them are still quite bold for me & my basic self.  😂

BUT! There was also another reason for doing this…can you guess?? I’ll give you a hint…$$$.  This way I could keep costs down by combining decor I already had!  #winning

Oh, and Ps. — Yes, there are basically two versions of a very similar table because I wanted to show you guys a simpler option (my husband’s preferred option, lol) if you like a more toned down, minimalistic approach! 🙌🏼

Fall Tablescape-1-5
Deep Teal, Burnt Orange, & Pastel Teals & Oranges


Fall Tablescape-18
Leaf Shaped Appetizer Plates & Faux Floral Hanging From the Chandelier


Fall Tablescape-15
Reproduction Vintage Trough Used for Centerpiece



So there’s my version of the “simple” tablescape.  Now for those of you who may be thinking “That’s not simple at all!”, have you been talking to my husband? (Haha! Jk! He’s a fan of even simpler than that, lol).  But really, if you’d like to tone it down even more, just lose some of the pumpkins in the middle, omit the floral from the chandy, & reduce the amount of layers in the place setting.  Wham bam, that’s it!

Okay, now for those of you who think that this tablescape is missing a lil’ summin’ summin’, I got you covered too!  Your version is down below! I simply added a few minor details, but I feel like it changes the look pretty drastically.

What do y’all think?

Fall Tablescape-25
Fall Tablescape with Burlap & Lace Table Runner
Fall Tablescape-3-2
Faux Maple Leaf Coaster
Fall Tablescape-4-2
Faux Mint Leaf Placemat

So basically, the details I added here were pretty simple!  The wine glasses, the burlap runner (I think this made the biggest difference in the look), the leaf coasters, & the leaf placemats.  Everything else pretty much stayed the same!

Here are a few more close ups for y’all (because who doesn’t love more photos ☺️)!

Well that about wraps things up! Hopefully you guys found some inspiration tucked in there somewhere!  Or maybe it just helped to get your creative juices flowing! Either way, I’m so glad you stopped by!!

Before you leave, I’d love to know what your go-to colors are for fall! Do you change things up every year, or do you have a tried & true, ride or die style? Let me know in the comments below!! Fall & Christmas are my fave so I always love to know/see what others do in their homes! ❤️

Ps. I tagged all sources below! ☺️  And thank you in advance for any affiliate links you may use!  It helps support this little corner of the internet I occupy & allows me to be home & take care of three of the most important things in my life! Lots of love & thanks to all of you!

Fall Tablescape-15-2

Fall Tablescape-7-2

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Talk soon buddies!!


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