Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover

I can’t believe it.  Our kitchen is finally done!!! The estimated 2.5 week renovation (which ACTUALLY took just under 5 weeks) wrapped up this past week & WE ARE THRILLED (and so relieved)!!  Kitchen & bathroom renovations are no joke!!  And my most frequently asked questions…

Was the experience painful?  yes

Did you have to eat out every night?  no, I wish! We (the hubs) grilled. Every. Single. Night

Would you do it again if you had to?  hell yeah! I love the results!

Now, don’t get me wrong, things could most definitely have been worse.  All things considered, it went pretty smoothly.  It’s just that, keeping tiny fingers & toes out of the construction zone, making design choices without actually seeing them first, having our main home zones completely torn up, & the constant flow of people (strangers) in your home, sure can wear on ya after a while.  Again, I’d do it all over in a heartbeat because it made SUCH a difference in the overall feel of our home; but….I just wanna make sure I’m giving any of you readers out there who are considering a major reno, the truth about what it’s like during construction.

Okay, now for the fun part.  The before & after shots!!  I’m pretty sure that’s why you’re all here so let’s do this!

Kitchen Before
Still a beautiful kitchen, just wanted it to be a little more “us” 
Refrigerator & “butler’s pantry” view
This breakfast nook photo was taken from VHT Studios for the real estate listing 


Now, just for fun, let’s take a look at the mock-ups I put together to help us visualize what the kitchen would actually look like when all was said & done!

To do this I just used Photoshop & a pic of our pre-renovated kitchen to create my design plans.  I had so much fun putting these together!  Plus, it was crazy helpful to to actually SEE our design choices before-hand.  It gave me so much more confidence that we were making the best choices for our little fam!  Not to mention, I was able to share it with the contractor as well, which was SUPER helpful!


Okay, so now that you’ve see the “vision”.  Let’s see how it actually turned out!!

Edit Kitchen Remodel-1-4
You like my daughter’s purple drawing of our family on the fridge? Lol! I couldn’t take it down!
Edit Kitchen Remodel-3-2
I finally got to hang shiplap!!!
Edit Kitchen Remodel-6-2
This used to be cabinetry but we removed it to do open shelving! 

Edit Kitchen Remodel-5-2

What do y’all think?? What a difference right?? HUGE transformation!! Here are a few more closer-up shots for you guys!

Edit Kitchen Remodel-2-3Edit Kitchen Remodel-3-3

Edit Kitchen Remodel-1-5
In love with these quartz countertops!!

We are absolutely THRILLED with the results!! It’s exactly what we were hoping for!! One of my favorite parts has to be the custom island!  We love it so much & it’s got tons of storage (functionality was a MUST)!  There are so many other fun details in this kitchen that you can’t see from these photos!  I’m thinking about doing another in depth post about the renovation process (sneak peek of that below), & also some of the smaller details/design choices that went into this project (spice cabinet, hidden trash can, special outlets, cabinet lighting, etc.).  What do y’all think, would you wanna see that?? Let me know in the comments below!!

Sneak Peek of the Kitchen Under Construction


Although it feels AMAZING now to have everything done, it definitely was NOT an easy process!  If you’re thinking of doing a kitchen reno, or already have one in the works, feel free to reach out with any & all questions you may have!! I’m no expert, but if nothing else, I can at least relate to eating on paper plates for 5 weeks 😆!!

Talk soon buddies!!



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19 responses to “Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover”

    • Thank you so much!! It’s a very small overhang, less than an inch on each side ☺️

  1. Can you tell us the exact name of the quartz countertop on the island? Also, is it rude to ask how much it costs to custom make your kitchen island? We are in the beginning stages of a kitchen/bath/den renovation and trying to set our budget. I love the look of custom pieces but have no real idea what it costs.

    • Hi Joann! Sure! The countertop is called Calacatta Laza. We love it!! As far as the custom island goes, there are so many factors that go into it (size, wood type, style/design, etc.) so it’s hard to put an exact number on it. My recommendation would be to budget as if you were buying a high quality furniture set (a bedroom, or dining room, or sofa set). Does that kinda help give you a ballpark price? It might be a good idea to go ahead & draw (or source from Pinterest lol) the design you think you want for your island, and then just take it or send it to a few custom furniture makers to give you quotes. Good luck! Let me know if you need any help!

    • Hi Melany! I’m not familiar with Rosners but I have no doubt you can find appliances that will look great with black counters no matter which retailer you go with! Stainless steal or white are always a great choice! You may want to steer clear of blacks and slates so you don’t have too much dark on dark. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  2. Hi, I love everything about your kitchen. But where did you put your microwave? I am trying to plan my layout but I don’t want it over the stove and I can’t find yours. Thanks for your help

    • Hi Cindy! And thank you so much! The microwave is actually in the island. We had them build in an opening for it on the other side of the island (the side you can’t see) and we just slid it in! It’s actually perfect bc the kids can reach it too! 🙂 Hope that helps!

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