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Guys!  Have I been living under a rock?! (The real answer is probably yes because I’ve been avoiding staring at my disaster of a kitchen renovation–but that’s for another post & another day 🙄).  Seriously though, am I the only person who didn’t realize that you can now shop ONLINE at T.J.MAXX?!?! #GAMECHANGER  When I stumbled across this little detail, I knew I had to put something together for all my Farmhouse Home Decor fans out there!!


TJMAXX Home Decor!
Love That You Can Shop By Style Category!!

I constantly get asked where I purchase my home decor goodies, & the reality is, if it doesn’t come from my shop, chances are, it comes from Homegoods, T.J.MAXX, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Etsy, or the At Home Store.  (Lately I’ve also been a Wayfair junkie, but I typically shop there for my larger items).  The only downside to this is, I’m usually unable to share links/details for these items because several of those stores didn’t have online ordering available 🙁.   Thankfully though, T.J.MAXX & Hobby Lobby have decided to join the rest of us here in the year 2018 & I couldn’t be more pumped about it (I still love you Homegoods & At Home Store)!!!

So, naturally, what’s the first thing I do when I figure out I can now shop at T.J.MAXX from the comfort of my La-Z-Boy sofa?? I do a search for Rae Dunn (don’t bother, they don’t let you search by brand). 😆😆

TJ’s Keepin It Real! It’s The Thrill Of The Hunt!!

So after that big fat goose egg of-a-search, (should have known it wouldn’t be that easy), I quickly followed it up with a search for all the farmhouse things!!  There are so many reasons why I’m a fan of farmhouse styles (I say styles with an “s” because “farmhouse” encompasses lots of different styles!  Vintage, Modern, Traditional, Industrial, just to name a few).  I think my top two reasons behind my fandom are, 1) I’m a HUGE lover of mixing old with new (repurposing old items & keeping their stories alive), & 2) because you don’t have to spend your wad to be able to get the look you’re going for.  There are plenty of affordable farmhouse goodies out there, & if you’re a good thrifter, even cheaper still! But let’s be real…not all of us are creatives, not all of us have the “vision” or style-sense, & not all of us have the patience/time to put together & shop for our perfect farmhouse look.  AND THAT’S OKAY!!! Thankfully, there are some great resources out there to provide inspiration & get those creative juices flowin!  Now, I know sometimes, the inspo we find doesn’t always aline with our budget…soooo, just to make sure you guys had some AFFORDABLE options to choose from, I put together this collection of my FAVE affordable farmhouse finds, ALL from T.J.MAXX!  Oh, and did I mention, they’re all available online?!  And guess what else?  Just to sweeten the deal, they’ve allowed us to make returns right at our local stores if we need to!  Easy peasy right?!

So without further ado….

Let’s get crackin!

Starting from Left to Right
  1. Forest Marble Cheese Board: Love adding wood accents in kitchens!
  2. Metal & Natural Wood Bar Stool: Mixing textures is always fun!
  3. Faux Succulent Table Signs: If you follow me on IG, you know I NEED green!!
  4. Succulent Napkin Rings: Such a fun way to dress up any tablescape!!
  5. Printed Placemats:  I love that these look like vintage grain sacks!!
  6. Faux Wood Chargers: These are great for indoor or outdoor use!!
  7. Metal Double Wall Pocket: Love that this piece is functional but also fun!
  8. Metal Table Lamps (Set of 2): I think I need these for my house, STAT!!!
  9. Small Metal Wire Storage Bin: This awesome basket would look great anywhere!
  10. Plain Gray Velvet Throw Pillow: Throws are a great way to add warmth & coziness!
  11. Farmers Market Throw Pillow: Love layering throw pillows & this one is adorable!
  12. Always Remember Sign: This quote was just too sweet! Love the neutral colors too!
  13. 3 Slot Wood & Metal Storage: Another functional piece that shouts farmhouse!
  14. Striped Throw Blanket: Gray way to bring texture & warmth to your space!
  15. Round Bowl End Table: Love the industrial farmhouse vibe of this table!!
  16. Oval Natural Basket: I’m pretty sure I have these all over my house! Love!

So what do y’all think?!  Some great stuff right?!  I did my best to try & create a cohesive collection for you guys so you can add those farmhouse touches not just in one room, but all over your home!  It’ll bring continuity to your spaces without being too matchy matchy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with matchy…in fact, I’m a HUGE sucker for symmetry, so I’m constantly buying things in groups of twos or threes (drives my husband crazy 😂😂)!!

Anywho, there’s LOADS more farmhouse greatness on their website so make sure you guys go check it out! I’d love to know what you guys thought of this collection! Any faves?! Is there another store you’d like me to put a collection together for?! Let me know in the comments below!  Happy Shopping Guys & Gals!


FYI, this post is NOT sponsored (all opinions are my own & honest), and it may contain affiliate links.  Thanks for the support friends!!

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