Unique Ideas for Your Easter Egg Hunt

Stuff your Easter eggs with things other than candy

Ask and you shall receive!!  So many of you guys shared some AWESOME ideas with me through Instagram on how to get creative with stuffing Easter eggs!  Way to go you out-of-the-box thinkers!!

The ideas were so good that I just had to do a blog post so all of y’all could read them too! I’m also gonna give you guys some fun & unique ways to do the hunt itself!  Oh, AND some cool ways to make the hunt more challenging for the older kids!  So let’s HOP to it! (Get it? 😉)

The Thrill of the Hunt

You may be thinking, why would we wanna shake things up?  The traditional egg hunt is exciting enough for our littles!  Totally! My kids love a good ole fashioned hunt as much as anyone; but I’m always looking for fun new ways to challenge their minds & get those wheels-a-turnin!

Idea #1:  Divide the search by color!

Egg Hunt Post-Edits-4

–So for example, my youngest (age 2), will start off by only looking for the green eggs! He’ll run out & find all the green eggs he can.  Then we’ll do a pink search.  Then blue & so on.  This will not only help with color recognition, but it’ll help teach patience (if not to the kids, maybe to you, lol—there’s only so many times you can say “no, not the pink yet, we’re still on green!”😂).

–Another fun twist on this would be to put a piece of colored construction paper inside each egg that tells the kiddos which color to look for next.  So for example, they open their first egg that has a yellow piece of paper in it, indicating they need to go find a yellow egg next! Then, opening the yellow egg, they find an orange piece of paper & have to go search for an orange one next!  This requires a little prep on our part just because we need to make sure we have the right ratio of paper squares to eggs (ex. 5 pieces of blue paper for 5 blue eggs, 3 pieces of green paper for 3 green eggs, etc.)  If you don’t have construction paper, no worries, you can just color a piece of white paper like I did in the examples below!

Egg Hunt Post-Edits-7Egg Hunt Post-Edits-6


Idea #2: Divide the search by number!

Egg Hunt Post-Edits-8

–This could be done a number of ways, based on your child’s age.  Similar to the color-coding, you could tell each child which number they are supposed to be looking for.  Jimmy searches for all the #1’s, Johnny is out there looking for only the #2’s, Sarah is hunting 3’s, and so on.

–A second option would be to search for them in numerical order! With this, each child has to find numbers 1-10 (or more if each kid gets more eggs), in that order!  No cheating if you find 7 before 6!  Again, it requires a little prep on our part because we have to make sure we write the numbers on the eggs & have the correct amount for each Little.  You know if each kid doesn’t have the exact same number of eggs, the world might just stop spinning 😂.  Oh! And for the older kids, it makes it even more fun if they have to find them in different sequences (ex. ascending order, descending order, evens first, odds first etc.), then each child is searching for a different number instead of everyone looking for #3 at the same time!

-Another idea would be to involve some simple math! (Eww math 😂) Have a jar ready with some folded pieces of paper that have easy (age appropriate) equations written on them (0+1=?, 2+6=?, 3-1=?, etc.).  The Littles will reach their hand in the jar, pull out an equation, & then have to solve that equation in order to figure out which numbered egg they are supposed to go hunting for!


Unique Egg Stuffers

Okay, now for the part that takes the most prep…the stuffing!  I asked you guys for some ideas that didn’t include just filling all the eggs with candy.  I don’t mind the kiddos having a few sweet treats every now & again, but I do try & avoid having loads of candy at the house…thanks a lot Easter & Halloween…

So here are some GREAT & FUN ideas for egg stuffers that DO NOT include candies!

Egg Hunt Post-Edits-9
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  1. Legos (the legos can even be put together to build a certain structure/character that you choose if you want to make it even more interesting)
  2. Barbie Doll clothes/accessories
  3. Teddy Grahams
  4. Goldfish
  5. Play-Doh
  6. Coins/change for their piggy bank
  7. Stickers
  8. Finger Puppets
  9. Fruit Snacks
  10. Crayons
  11. Hot Wheels or other Small Cars

Egg Hunt Post-Edits-10

Another really fun (& very affordable idea) would be to stuff the eggs with “coupons”! Things that your kids can “cash in” or redeem to you! For example “Walk to the Park”, “Date w/Mommy”, “Extra 30min Past Bedtime”, etc.


So what do you guys think?!  Some AWESOME ideas right?! Thank YOU all for sending them my way!  I’m so pumped for hunt prep this weekend!! Do you guys have any other ideas that I didn’t mention?? What are your traditions? I’d love to know! Please share them below!  I hope these fun ideas got your creative juices flowing!

Happy Easter y’all!!


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  1. I teach K and one year it rained on the day of our egg hunt. How hard and lame would it be to quickly grab 12 eggs off the gym floor?! So we put labels on the outside of them that had their name and also said things like “sing your favorite song while hopping on one foot before finding the next egg” etc. The kids really had the best time!

    • Omgosh how fun!! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! What a great idea! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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