Living Room Update – Before & After

Well guys.  WE DID IT!!! We FINALLY moved into the house!!!! Dancing girl emoji a hundred times over!!! It’s been a looooong 6 months (were y’all starting to think I was lying?), but we’re in…and now the unpacking, renovating, and organizing can begin!!

The first thing I want to share with you guys is our living room!

Mainly, because it’s the only room that I’ve unpacked, lol.  No seriously, it’s literally the ONLY space without boxes, so I though it was a great place to start! 😁

Now, this room is by no means “done”, but I think you’ll agree that the changes we have made make this room look drastically different!



We absolutely LOVED the built-ins, but man are there a lot of orangey-red tones going on here!  It’s a termites dream! #woodwood&morewood  Am I right?!


Another thing we loved about this room, the french doors that open to the sunroom (right side)!  I’m a fan of french doors pretty much anywhere, so we knew we wanted to keep those bad boys!  And while I do like pocket doors (you’ll see those on the left side of the room), I actually had another idea for that space…sooooo….I’ll be doing a whole separate post on that!  More to come there 😉.

Oh! I should also mention, I took these photos while the house was still staged for showings, so none of this furniture is actually ours. 😊


So hopefully that gives you an idea of what the spaces looked like before we got our hands on it 😊.  Now for the fun part! The afters!  As I mentioned, there are still some things we want to do in this space–mostly pertaining to the mantel and TV situation, so I’ll continue to share updates as we progress through our remodeling!


Standton Remodel-2
As I said…we’re still not “done”.  We don’t even have a couch! 😂😂

Standton Remodel-3

What a difference some paint can make, right?!?! Oh, and the models, they earned some R&R.  They did help me unroll the rug, after all.

Here we used just the standard white semi-gloss trim paint from Sherwin Williams.  For the walls we used my favorite go-to color, also from Sherwin Williams, called Repose Gray.  It’s seriously my ALL TIME favorite paint color.  It’s the perfect light, neutral gray.  It’s light enough to brighten any space, while still looking like a true gray (not washed out) & it pops off white trim beautifully, which I dig!!  I also love it because the whole swatch family (#244) is full of awesome neutral gray tones (not too warm & not too cool) that range from light to dark.  If you’re looking for a neutral gray paint, you DEFINITELY have to give this one a shot!

We haven’t completely finished decorating the shelves (mostly because we’re still unpacking boxes lol), but I still wanted to share a sneak peek!

Standton Remodel-4

Here we still plan to update the brick around the fireplace, lower the mantel so we can mount our TV there in the center, add some accent lighting over the built-ins (what I’m most excited about) & replace the hardware on the cabinet doors 😊.

Stanton Remodel-2

Ahhh the sunroom! One of my favorite spaces in the house! I’ve only had 4 mornings in this new house, but I just realized this morning that we can see some pretty amazing sunrises from these two seats! 😍😍  I have a feeling you’ll find me here most mornings moving forward 🤗.

Again, still quite a bit of work to do here—I feel like perhaps the title for this post should be before & during, not before & after 😆. I mean obviously, we don’t even have covers for our outlets yet…#shameful.  Oh, and can you see the outline in the wood from where the sun faded the floor around the previous owner’s rug? Lol. Ya just gotta laugh! How am I gonna fix that you ask? Easy. Find another round rug to cover it up!  #pickyourbattles

Stanton Remodel-3

I’m absolutely THRILLED about the way our doors turned out in the house!  We painted all of them (except in the basement—you’ll see why soon) a super dark gray/faded black color called “Black Fox” by Sherwin Williams.  It’s awesome!  I love the contrast against the lighter gray & white!  Eventually I’ll be painting all the windows black so the colors will make for a nice neutral palette but also provide some contrast so it’s not overly monochromatic.  The mixture of textures & natural elements in the decor helps with that too 😉.

Well that’s it for now, my friends.  I’ll have more updates/reveals soon, but this is literally the only room that’s not stacked to damn-near the ceiling with boxes! I’ve tagged a few sources for ya below (or at least similar ones if I couldn’t find the original) for those who have questions, but feel free to comment below with any additional ones y’all might have!!


Thanks for hanging with me through the chaos these last 6 months!  So much ❤ for y’all!!


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