My Little Secret

Can I tell you guys a little secret….?

I’m in total awe & admiration of my Instagram pals, bloggers, etc. who have done a flawless job of not just sharing their beautiful homes with us, but also their beautiful ( and not so flawless) lives.  I can’t explain what it is, but there is something so real and raw about it.

I think so many of us started off just sharing our home as a way to inspire creativity and provide encouragement for others.  The reality is, though, “home” is one of the most personal & emotional places we’ll ever go.

For some, it may be just a pretty picture, but for those who live within its’ four walls, it’s our safe place, our sanctuary, it’s where our children lay their heads at night.  It’s. So. Much. More.

Having said that…it seems only natural to me that so many of us would be inspired, if not compelled, to share more with you than just our four walls.  Our homes ARE our lives, as are the people living inside them.  And I think it goes without saying, but, the more we get to know you as people/moms/wives/friends, and the more you get to know us people/moms/wives/friends, the more we want to share with you! ❤

Hence–the emergence of so many blogs (well, at least in my opinion). So many of us want to share MORE with you!  After all, you have shared so much with us!  And not just relatable stories & encouragement, but time, and effort, and support, and love.  So we want to be able to reciprocate by sharing our homes, and our families, and our good, and our not so good, lol.  And not JUST to provide encouragement & inspiration (although that’s a huge part), but also as a shoulder for you,  a quick 5 minute escape, a reality check, a gauge to show we’re all experiencing the same things in this crazy wonderful life.  These little corners of the internet that we carve out, allow us to do that so much MORE/BETTER than a single photo & carefully thought out caption can 😉.

My point? I’ve decided I want to be able to share MORE with YOU!  I’ll obviously continue to share my home on the regular, but I’m broadening the scope Folks! I’m comin at ya with so much more (lifestyle, party planning, fashion, family, books, hobbies, travel, you name it)!  And the beauty is, if you don’t care, you don’t have to read! 😂 You can still just following along with the pretty squares because I will definitely continue to share those!! ❤❤❤

And in the spirit of keeping it real…I’m off to do laundry because that mound is a little out of control.  Plus, I’m off to New York tomorrow!!!!! Ahhhh can’t wait!! If you have recommendations on places we HAVE to go while we’re there! Share below!!!


Ps.  Here’s half of the CantuClan living within these 4 walls.  The crazier, and infinitely more energetic half.


Love y’all!





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